Moon Jewel Ayurveda Offerings

Moon Jewel offers a wide variety of traditional Ayurvedic therapies for both rejuvenating and detoxifying the body, mind and spirit. These are deeply profound therapies that often require taking pause for the remainder of the day.

Note: As we individualize each treatment for maximum benefit, we require 48 hours notice so that we may prepare for your arrival.

I have had the great pleasure of receiving Wise Earth Ayurvedic counsel & treatments from Laura.
Absolute heaven on Earth, the Shirodhara service with warm oil flowing along my forehead, calms my nervous system, settling heart-mind-body and brings me to feel more spacious at home within.
~ Annie Wilsey, CBMT, RYT

Body Therapies

Snehana ~ Svedana ~ Basti ~ Special Offerings

Moon Jewel Ayurveda offers many traditional body treatments that are individually designed for our guests.

Our body therapies include Snehana (oil therapy), Svedhana (steam and heat), Basti (localized pools of herbal formulas) as well as special offerings such as our Ayurvedic face massage, Tibetan Chakra Ritual and Kansa wand massage. These treatments are designed to bring harmony and ease to both body and mind.


Please note that many of these treatments require taking pause for the remainder of the day. Resting, relaxing, rejuvenating… Treatments involving the head require light protection from the elements for 24 hours.

Snehana ~ Oil Therapies

“The meaning of the Sanskrit word sneha conveys stupendous love and immense tenderness, the essential spirit imbued in human nature. Snehana therapy is meant to invoke these deeply embedded codes of our nature and reawaken our cognitive memories.” ~Maya Tiwari from Ayurveda Secrets of Healing

Abhyanga ~ 60 minutes/$108 with Ubtan 90 minutes/$128

Enjoy a full body massage with the application of medicinal oils. Special care in activation of the marma points (the junction where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet) is part of this offering. Abhyanga restores balance to the doshas, and may promote regeneration of the tissues, stimulate circulation, nervous system, strengthen the lungs, intestines, bones and may regulate the digestive system as well as improve concentration and confidence. This may be followed by brushing the skin with freshly prepared Ubtan~a mixture of ground legumes, grains and medicinal herbs.

Shirobhyanga ~ 30 minutes/$45

This is a complete head and neck massage using medicinal oils and marma point stimulation. Massaging the head is said to bring ease to the nervous system, reduce migraines, heart disease, eye disease, weakness of body and reduce insomnia.

Padabhyanga ~ 30 minutes/$45

A complete foot massage with medicinal oils stimulates all the organs, increases ojas (vitality and immunity), energizes the reproductive organs, improves circulation and creates a state of deep relaxation.

Shirodhara ~ 60 min (max)/ $108

Warm oil is poured along the brow in a rhythmic motion which serves to awaken the ajna chakra (third eye), and evokes deep cognitive memories bringing health to the bodily tissues. This treatment creates balance and soothes many conditions of the nervous system. The actual time of the treatment will vary depending on the dosha and oils will be chosen for individualized needs.

Pichu ~ 30 minutes/ $45

A warm oil compress is administered to the forehead. This helps to restore balance to the doshas and is immensely relaxing for the body and mind.

While traveling the west coast I experienced and fell in love with a new to me form of bodywork called Abhyanga. Once I returned home to Lawrence I searched for a local Ayurvedic practitioner and found Laura. We had an intimate conversation about my constitution which led us to my strengths, challenges, and desires. Next, Laura made up a unique blend of essential oil and massage oil to use on me during my massage. The Abhyanga massage was transformational. I could tell Laura’s touch was catered especially for me and that she wasn’t just performing routine movements. I would highly recommend Laura’s services and can’t wait for my next session with her.
With deep gratitude,
Sarah Salzman MOT, OTR/L
Co-Owner Wild Alive Ferments, Kansas


These therapies induce sweating which allows us to release toxins and purify the body. Our digestive fires are invigorated thus promoting digestive health.

Ginger Compress ~ 60 minutes / $108

Warm ginger compresses are continuously applied upon the lower back. This aids in alleviating lower back pain, and encourages circulation. Deep relaxation and a sense of calm will be experienced.

Bashpa Svedana ~ Times vary (allow 45 min) / $55

This is a full body steam that detoxifies the tissues and calms the mind. Medicinal herbs and essential oils are combined to support the detox process. This is a beautiful finish to any snehana treatment as it encourages the herbs to go deeper into the tissues.

Parisheka ~ Times vary (allow 45 min) / $55

This is the showering of the body with warming or cooling oils. The treatment is said to calm the  mind and body, stimulates the appetite, promotes strength, virility, increase ojas and bring lightness to the body. (A preliminary consultation highly recommended.)

Pinda Sveda ~ 90 minutes / $128

A poultice of cooked grains and medicinal herbs are used to firmly massage the whole body inviting deep stimulation through sweating and  increasing circulation as well as soothing arthritis, dryness and stress. Avagaha Sveda will follow.

Avagaha Sveda ~ 30 minutes / $30

Immersion in water to the navel or neck with herbs and essential oils. This treatment may be used for relieving aches and pains and promoting calm sleep. Traditionally uses include urinary, kidney, bladder and nervous conditions as well as insomnia. This may be added to any treatment.


Dough dams constructed from lentil flour are placed on specific areas of the body and filled with an individualized combination of herbs, essential oils, and a base that may include oil, ghee or milk depending on the treatment location and the effect desired. This allows for a deeper penetration and absorption of herbs in a localized area for a longer period of time.

60 minutes/$108 for all Basti services

Kati Basti

This is a tonifying treatment for the specified areas such as the lower back that soothes pain and nourishes the tissues deep in the bones (asthi), muscles (mamsa) and blood (rakta).

Anahata Basti

This is a beautiful treatment that pools the oil over the heart chakra. This can be useful for both physical and emotional challenges of the heart as well as respiratory issues.

Netra Basti

This is a nourishing and cleansing treatment for the eyes. Traditionally ghee is poured into the dam around the eyes, one at a time, and is used to alleviate eye strain and other visual complaints.

Svadhistana Basti

This is placed on the lower belly to ease complaints of the uterus, ovaries, bladder, kidney, excess or weak sexual energy as well as overactive or stuck creative energy.

Manipuri Basti

Placed above the navel, this treatment may address digestive issues as well as discriminatory issues.

Vishuddha Basti

This is placed along the throat area and may address thyroid complaints as well as the ability to express oneself.

Chakra Basti

All or any combination of chakras 2-5 may be administered. For more than one Chakra Basti in a session, please contact us for pricing.

My basti session with Laura was healing and beautiful all around. Her space is inherently calming and uplifting, Laura was communicative and good-humored throughout the treatment, and the treatment itself was quite comfortable. For the rest of the day I felt joyful and calm and my body felt the same – both spirit and body greatly benefited. I highly recommend Moon Jewel Ayurveda!
~ Sally B, Lawrence, KS, yoga instructor

Special Offerings

Serenity ~ 90 minutes / $128

An exquisite gift for the face that goes beyond the complexion. This 90 minute treatment for the head, face, and shoulders including oil massage, marma point therapy, pranic healing, and steam. All of our Ayurvedic products are organic and pure.

Bliss ~ 2.5 hours / $200

This is a beautiful combination of Abhyanga (full body oil massage), Shirodhara (stream of warm oil across the brow) and Bashpa Svedana (full body steam treatment), and ends with a lovely Avagaha Sveda (herbal soaking tub).

Tibetan Chakra Stone Ritual ~ 75 minutes / $108

A deep and transforming journey.  An anointing of sacred energy points with pure essential oil blends, followed by chakra massage, special breathing, dowsing, semi-precious stones engraved with Tibetan symbols placed over the chakras, and guided imagery combine to calm, center and strengthen your whole subtle energy system bringing with it peace and personal power through greater clarity. Full session

Dowsing and stone placement only 30 min/$45

Kansa Vataki (Wand) Massage

Kansa, a true bronze (copper, tin and a trace of zinc) was first made 5000 years ago by the Harappans; the inhabitants of the Indus Valley.. Because of its unique properties, kansa was found to be very healing and made into an array of healing instruments.  In Ayurveda, subtle energy points – known as marmas – were discovered on the chakra grid used in healing and spiritual practice. These unseen networks of electromagnetic energy are affected by kansa as it is the metal alloy known to be the FASTEST conductor of electromagnetism.

Padabhayanga with Kansa ~ 30 min / $45

This foot massage comforts the guest with it’s soft contour that relaxes the entire foot.  It helps to balance the Ayurvedic doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and creates a calming, cooling effect in the body resulting in feeling light and energized.

Kansa Face Massage ~ 30 minutes / $45

The kansa wand feels gentle and luxurious and  stimulates the subtle energy grids known in Ayurvedic traditions.  Witness an amazing glow and countenance of beauty and peace arise while easing stress.

Women’s Health Offerings

Moon Jewel recognizes the many phases of women’s health and healing and offer specific rituals, therapies and guidance to restore health and balance. Some of our offerings include aligning the cycle with the moon, healing rituals for past trauma or loss, as well as menstrual related challenges, pregnancy, menopause support.

We offer both class and individual sessions for women to promote well-being.

Please check our class schedule for additional opportunities to learn about restoring women’s wisdom.

Working with Laura felt like the initiation and ritual into womanhood that I never got when I came of age. She is Shakti energy personified and it spills into the space, plants, and bodies she touches. Laura doesn’t just create a welcoming space for your physical body, but for the divine in you as well. Your higher realms of spirit are nourished by sight, sound and scent.
~ Cynthia LaCruz- Singer, Actress, Yoga Instructor, New York

Moon Cycle Wisdom for Women

These sessions are designed to educate women in the knowledge of the long forgotten Vedic wisdom of the lunar cycles that guide a woman’s health, joy and longevity.

In these highly participatory courses, you will learn unique Sadhana practices to bring your monthly cycle in harmony with lunar rhythms. These nurturing practices are designed to help every woman reclaim her beauty, health and inner joy.

60min / $75

Women’s Ritual for Healing

Healing from Trauma, Recovering from Miscarriage, Abortion and/or Sexual Abuse

We will go through the instructions and ritual for healing from past and present traumas. Timings, duration and supplies for one full cycle of the ritual will be included. Restored by Wise Earth Ayurveda® is an ancient Vedic ritual that is beyond religious belief~ we do use a Sanskrit mantra to the Goddess and will discuss optional prayers to reflect one’s own belief system if desired.

60 min / $50 private session

Instructions will be sent upon registration

I can’t say enough about the wisdom of Laura and the healing tradition she most graciously honors, Ayurveda. I have been searching for a way to help my daughter with her long bleeding time. Western medicine has only offered her hormone therapy in the form of birth control. I was determined to find another way and found it. The regimen recommended worked and she’s back on track with a healthy flow. Thank you Laura!
~ Once concerned mother: Jessica C.
Co owner of Merkaba Wellness Center


In Ayurveda, we experience and understand the world through our sense organs and the profound sense of smell can aid and support our path to health physically, emotionally and spiritually with the use of aromatherapy.

Together we will design an intuitive blend of scents chosen to support your specific challenges, needs and desires.
I offer these stand-alone consultations in order to completely individualize your unique blend for a specific treatment or goal.

Together we find the synergy that will be in service to your greatest needs for mind and body, heart and soul. You will be gifted with a spritzer to ensure the greatest harmony with your blend.

60 min. session – $88 including spritzer

Products that may be purchased with your unique blend include massage oils, salves, creams, spritzers or essential oil blends that are designed to please the senses as well as aid the body and mind to harmonize and bring balance to the doshas. Each product is individually crafted and prepared with love and infused with chants.

We use wild crafted and/or responsibly sourced essential oils and all organic ingredients.

Moon Jewel Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanses

Let’s honor the shifting the season, by taking pause, and cleansing the body and the mind.

We will simplify our diet, our activities, and allow our minds to seek only what brings us peace and joy. The cleanse will incorporate dietary guidelines, daily rituals including yoga and meditation, self-massage, Ayurvedic herbs and cleansing techniques. Each participant will have an option for an individually tailored program. We will gather prior to the cleanse to review every detail and pick up supplies. This is not a fast! We will have specially designed meal programs consisting of local, seasonal and organic foods that will support and sustain our bodies as we release the toxins in our body and mind in preparation for the coming season.

Autumn Cleanse

Autumn is an important time to take pause to cleanse the body and the mind.

We release any extra stored heat (inflammation) within the tissues before we get burned out from the strong Autumn winds. We removed toxicity and reset our digestive fires in preparation of the coming months. I am offering three options for this Autumn cleanse.

Gentle 9 Day Cleanse $125

  • 15 minute consultation
  • 43 page e-book
  • Daily food guidelines
  • Daily routines for body mind and spirit
  • Ayurvedic recipes
  • Supply of rice and lentils for kitcheri mono-diet cleanse
  • Ayurvedic virechena therapy supplies

 14 Day Cleanse $175

This includes everything in the 9 Cleanse PLUS:

  • 50 page 3-book
  • Daily herbal recommendations
  • Churnas/Herbal teas
  • Ghritam (medicated ghees)
  • Sense-cleansing supplies 



Spring Cleanse

Spring is a wonderful time to cleanse the body and the mind.

This is the time to liquefy the toxins that have accumulated in the tissues so that they may flow toward the digestive system and out the body just as the snow begins to melt from the mountaintop in Spring. This is a beautiful way to celebrate the season with nourishing foods and stimulating herbs and spices encouraging the release of toxins, and resetting the digestive system for optimal health. This is also a cleanse for the emotions and the psyche.

Spring Cleanse Includes:

  • 15 minute Consultation,
  • Ayurvedic Therapy Kits,
  • Supplies + herbs

Not included: most food, special blended oils or aromatherapy.

Svastha Wellness Cleanse Package for Spring & Autumn

Included in this package are daily food guidelines, daily routines for body, mind and spirit, ayurvedic recipes and supplies.

Cleanse Package ~ $395 (regularly $438)


  • Initial Consult
  • 2 Weekly Check-ins
  • Guided 14-day cleanse package (specific for either Spring or Autumn) outlining daily food guidelines, daily routines, recipes, and supplies

Deluxe Package ~ $460 (regularly $505)

The Deluxe package includes all of the above PLUS:

  • Individualized daily herbs
  • Ghritam (medicated ghee)
  • Sense-cleansing supplies