Ayurveda Consultations

Living in balance with nature and the turning of the seasons will bring a greater sense of health and joy to the body mind and spirit.

Each consultation begins with an extensive examination of your current state of health, diet, and lifestyle as well as looking at challenges from your past. You will learn some of the basic concepts of Ayurveda to gain self-knowledge as well as an understanding of how to use the wisdom of Ayurveda to start your journey toward balance.

Laura pulled together many practices and treatments to help me, including custom herbal blends, recipes, rituals, aromatherapy, yoga and color therapy. Her thorough evaluation gave her important insights into my situations that other practitioners had missed for years. With Laura, I learned new ways to care for myself that lead to healing my body, mind and soul. I highly recommend her gentle, skillful practice.
~ Jennifer D., Lawrence, Kansas

Moon Jewel Ayurvedic Consultations

(All consultations may be live or remote)

Single Consultation ~ Consultation Packages

Follow-up Appointments ~ Seasonal Cleanses

Single Moon Jewel Session

Initial consultation + report of findings

This package includes two visits for an in-depth initial consultation and a report of findings. A short educational presentation as well as personally designed recommendations regarding shifts in lifestyle and diet, suggested body therapies, and herbal support will be discussed.


Ayurvedic Consultation Packages


~ peace ~

One Month – Introduction to Ayurveda Package


Save $30 / ($330 total value)

This package includes an in-depth initial consultation and report of findings and insights, plus two follow up visits. Gain self-knowledge as well as an understanding of how to use the wisdom of Ayurveda to start your journey toward balance.


  • Initial consultation + report of findings (3 hours)
  • 2 follow-up visits


~ beauty & flow ~

Three Months – Ayurvedic Lifestyle Package


Save $60 / ($480 total value)

This three month program introduces specific lifestyle and dietary programs along with practices that support the individual challenges encountered as balance is restored.


  • Initial consultation + report of findings
  • 4 follow-up sessions (3 bimonthly, one monthly)


~ inner shine of the witness ~

Six Month –
Healer Package


Save $80 / ($780 total value)

This six month program is for those that are dedicated to find balance in their lives. You, the Atithi (guest), will be guided through half a year of learning how to recognize the self and how you respond to the rhythms of nature. Tools to navigate one’s own rhythms in accordance with nature restores balance and leads to lasting changes and optimum health. This is a nourishing choice for those with health challenges.


  • Initial consultation + report of findings
  • 8 follow up visits (4 bimonthly, 4 monthly)
Receiving Ayurvedic guidance and care from Laura for the past five years has been truly life changing. Through regular consultations and follow up Laura has helped me to learn strategies to help heal myself of physical and psychological ailments through Ayurvedic practices. Laura’s gentle, patient and professional demeanor makes her easy to talk to and ever so trustworthy when discussing personal health issues. Laura has been extremely accommodating by providing me with appointments via Skype as I have been living and traveling abroad for the past few years.
Her guidance and recommendations are always extremely thoughtful and individualized. Laura’s follow ups are always written out in a very thorough and organized manner making it possible and realistic to apply her advice and her recommendations of Ayurvedic practices to daily life. I also use and take Ayurvedic herbs, tinctures and oils prepared by Laura. Her products are all so beautifully and carefully crafted, when using them I can feel the true healing power her medicines have to offer. I am so grateful to have the care and guidance of Laura as my Ayurvedic practitioner and I look forward to continue working with her for years to come.
~ JM, Artist and Organic Farmer, South Korea and Oregon

Follow-up Appointments

Svastha~health-established in the self

Wellness Cleanse Package for Spring & Autumn

Spring and Autumn are the times of most vulnerability for maintaining our health. Rather than a fast, the Ayurvedic cleanse is a beautiful way to celebrate the changing of the seasons with nourishing foods and stimulating herbs and spices encouraging the release of toxins, and resetting the digestive system for optimal health.

Included in this package are daily food guidelines, daily routines for body, mind and spirit, Ayurvedic recipes and supplies.


  • Initial consult
  • Two weekly check-ins
  • Guided 14-day cleanse package (specific for either spring or autumn) outlining daily food guidelines, daily routines, recipes and supplies

Cleanse Package ~ $395 (regularly $438)

The Deluxe package includes all of the above PLUS supply of individualized daily herbs, ghritam (medicated ghee) and sense-cleansing supplies (tongue scrapers, enema bags, nose oils, etc).

Deluxe Cleanse Package ~ $460 (regularly $505)