Moon Jewel Classes

Living in balance with nature and the turning of the seasons will bring a greater sense of health and joy to the body mind and spirit.

Please contact us if you would like to host a class for your group or your Yoga Teacher Training requirements.

I’ve attended classes in which we learned how to administer treatments like deeply warming penetrating ginger compresses to another participant and then receive in return, or how to collectively (in the round) make deliciously aromatic seasonal (spice) masalas for health & well being, by hand, with mortars & pestles, while joining our voices together to chant mantras into them.
Laura is REAL and loves & cares about providing a sacred space for each person to feel more & more at home within. And in that way, this world, & I, am in a better place because of her willingness to witness all of it, ALL OF IT.
~ Annie Wilsey, CBMT, RYT

Ayurveda Classes

10 Day Reset

An Ayurvedic Reset for Body Mind and Spirit

with Laura Martin-Eagle

As we begin to witness the light return after the dark night of Winter Solstice, we too must take time to pause and rest in order to be ready for the awakening of Springtime. This pause does not have to equal heaviness. We can invite lightness back into our lives by resetting our practices and rituals. This new offering honors the season of rest through diet, lifestyle, and herbal support. We will practice Ritucharya (seasonal regimen) and Dinacharya (daily regimen) to support our well-being in this season. By setting these intentions now, we assist in keeping toxins from accumulating in the deeper tissues of both body and mind. The more we can lighten the toxic load, the more ease our bodies have in metabolizing food into energy, and the sensory into harmony.

This is for you. Your timing, your home, your way. Start anytime. Once you register you will receive the eBook and a small package will be mailed to you (or available for pickup for locals). You will have the opportunity to read through the eBook, make a grocery list and shop before starting your Reset.

Included in this reset:

  • 62 page eBook
  • Guidelines for healthy eating
  • Daily rituals for body mind and spirit
  • Ayurvedic recipes
  • Ayurvedic guidance and teachings
  • Sense-Cleansing instructions
  • Ayurvedic herbs
  • Daily emails to support the reset
  • 20 minute daily playlists
  • and more

Ayurvedic Classes

Please let us know if you would like to have us teach a course for your event. Ayurvedic cooking, Yoga asana for seasonal and doshic balance and Japa meditation are some of our offerings.

AYURVEDA LIVING~infusing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to create balance in our lives today

with Laura Martin-Eagle

Ayurveda is all about bringing balance in a world that continues to change. It is recognizing that my balance is not the same as yours. The goal here is  to find the perfect balance for your unique blend of doshas, your nature, your perfume or essence that is unlike anyone else alive. This is a 5000 year old system that recognizes the inherent healer in each of us. This class will allow us to take the first few steps to recognize our path toward balance.

And it starts with simply knowing yourself.

This will be a hands-on interactive class as we learn to see ourselves from an Ayurvedic perspective, recognize what qualities brings us out of balance and learn some rituals to enhance our mental/nervous system digestion.  All are welcome to attend. Come sample some Ayurvedic teas and snacks!

Feb. 24, 1-3pm at Be Moved Studio, Lawrence Ks.

Register here

I was privileged to spend a weekend of intensive Ayurvedic training with Laura in the fall of 2016. Laura is a gifted teacher with a delightful sense of humor which makes her transmissions of ancient Vedic practices grounded, practical and approachable. Laura taught us several sadhanas in the training which have continued to offer me profound healing on a daily basis. Since attending her training I’ve learned to live less out of habit and more out of intent by reflecting on a quote of hers “Turn your habituals into rituals”. I look forward to studying with Laura again!
~Amy Gagner
Lincoln, NE

Women’s Classes

Aligning Cycles with the Moon

This class is appropriate for both those within and past their cycle as well as those that medically no longer have a cycle. Join in sisterhood to learn how and why to align your cycle with the new moon. We will learn the ancient Ayurvedic practices restored by Maya Tiwari through mudra, Japa, pranayama, herbal support and pancha karma therapies to realign, remember and revise our connection with nature both macro and microcosmically.

Women’s Healing Ritual

All survivors of miscarriage, abortion, sexual abuse or sexual trauma are welcome to participate. We will learn the tools to tap into our inner medicine to heal ourselves and perform a simple yet profound ritual accompanied by chanting the name of the Goddess in support of our sisters. We will seal our support by sharing food with a ‘sweet pot-luck’ and tea. (This is a donation based class.)

Shakti Rising

This special class blends my love of sacred movement meditation and Ayurvedic therapies. Please join us for this 4 hour retreat to nurture, honor, awaken and express that divine primordial feminine energy with movement and Ayurvedic practices.

$50 for this 4 hour class