Am I My Dosha?

There are countless ways to understand our nature. First there is our Nature with a capital N. Here we may invite the notion of that which is bigger than us. A picture of Divine, Great Spirit, God. Maybe we don’t go there. Perhaps we wish to just acknowledge this life, this body and the (small n) nature of our personality.

Are you a morning person? Or a night owl? Athletic or artistic? Or both? Did you excel at debate without much effort but get lost without Google maps? Were you one of those kids that was first at the dinner table but nowadays you get lost inside of the computer for hours past lunchtime? We have our preferences and our ways and perhaps we were teased about it or if fortunate we were allowed to express these tendencies to our full potential.

Vata~air and space

In Ayurveda we often hear folks talk about Doshas. In fact, many seem to love to use the dosha as a new way to define themselves! I have literally seen the t-shirts.

Doshas are a way to talk about our nature . It looks at our particular combination of the Panchamahabhutas~ the 5 great elements of water, earth, fire, air, and space. In understanding our unique blend of these elements we can also understand a bit more about our nature.

Typically, when we find the abundant choices of dosha tests we fill them out with the task of actually knowing ourselves. That is the first hurdle. Next, we are asked how our sleep is and do we have big bones..and this is where things get tricky.

Physical attributes that don’t significantly change (the size of our structure such as bones, teeth, shape of hands, color of hair etc) are referring to our prakruti or nature. When we answer the questions about our digestion, elimination, energy levels and sleep we generally answer for today which will clue us in on our vikruti, or imbalances. The problem is, we tend to answer these quizzes with either today’s answer or how we wish to see ourselves since no one is checking on our honesty….so what we tend to win as our dosha, that we proudly emblazon across our chest is our doshic imbalance!  Hey world I’m spaced out and can’t sleep or poop! Co-workers look at me- I’m hot and ready to argue so stop looking at me…

Pitta~fire and a bit of water

If the only information you obtain is a label for your imbalances then there will not be a base to strive for. Finding your prakruti is essential.  Many online choices are beginning to catch on and are giving you the opportunity to discover both prakruti and vikruti. Make sure this is the type of test you are taking. Otherwise you may wish to take the test twice. Answer the first time through all variable question for today to discover the imbalances and the second time through think about how you would answer this question before puberty for an answer that is closer to what you came into the world with, your prakruti.

Kapha~ earth and water

The goal here is not to be the perfectly balanced Vata Pitta Kapha but to find the perfect balance for your unique blend of doshas, your nature, your perfume or essence that is unlike anyone else alive.

And it starts with simply knowing yourself.