10 Days of Intention~An Ayurvedic Reset for Body Mind and Spirit


10 Days of Intention~An Ayurvedic Reset for Body Mind and Spirit

Happy New Year and Welcome to Winter!

2023! i am again offering 10 Days of Intention this winter.

I love Mondays. I love the beginning of each month. I love the first 5 days of the year.  Every New Years Eve starts with  ceremony and ritual ( including midnight pancakes) and continues for the first 5 days of January, until my birthday. I spend time each day in ritual which may mean meditation, grocery shopping, massages and saunas, dancing and whatever else from the mundane to the profound ~all as my sadhana, my practice. It is my reset for the year with intentions (never resolutions) and faith. Each month is a renewal. Every Monday is a chance to be more mindful (not do more, mind you!) then the past week.  I created this Winter Reset for the New Year for me and for you. And then i kept adding bonuses. What I am most excited about are the 10 daily PLAYLISTS!  Most of you know that I am also a 5Rhythms teacher and this seemed like the most natural addition to this reset. I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I have enjoyed creating it! 

winter trees

10 Days of Intention~ An Ayurvedic Reset for Body Mind and Spirit is an opportunity to begin the year with loving attention.

As we begin to witness the light return after the dark night of Winter Solstice, we too must take time to pause and rest in order to be ready for the awakening of Springtime. This pause does not have to equal heaviness. We can invite lightness back into our lives by resetting our practices and rituals. This  offering honors the season of rest through diet, lifestyle, and herbal support. We will practice Ritucharya (seasonal regimen) and Dinacharya (daily regimen) to support our well-being in this season. By setting these intentions now, we assist in keeping toxins from accumulating in the deeper tissues of both body and mind. The more we can lighten the toxic load, the more ease our bodies have in metabolizing food into energy, and the sensory into harmony.

This is for you. Your timing, your home, your way. Start anytime. Once you register you will receive the eBook and a small package will be mailed to you (or available for pickup for locals). You will have the opportunity to read through the eBook, make a grocery list and shop before starting your Reset. 


Included in this reset:

  • 62 page eBook
  • Guidelines for healthy eating
  • Daily rituals for body mind and spirit
  •   Ayurvedic recipes
  • Ayurvedic guidance and teachings
  • Sense-Cleansing instructions
  • Ayurvedic herbs
  • Daily emails to support the reset
  • 20 minute daily playlists
  • and more



This reset will be available until Mar. 3, 2023.  Plan on beginning the 10 Days of Intention a day or two after ordering so that you may prepare by getting familiar with the eBook and acquiring supplies needed.

Please order here!