Ayurvedic inspired potions for ritual and pleasure.

Find healing and balance to celebrate the beauty within!

All potions are organically sourced and caringly hand crafted, made in small batches + inspired by the rhythms of nature.

Wild Spirit Scents ~ Limited Edition

We have created 8 essential oil blends that infuse the medicine of our animal spirits. We gathered essential oils that enhance the specific qualities of animal spirit medicine and crafted blends with intention and meditation for each animal. Anoint your body. Anoint your spirit.

Sample the full set or close your eyes, take a deep breath, and trust your intuition to guide you to choose the one that is yearning to be your guide. All of our essential oils are pure and are resting in a base of organic jojoba oil for your scented pleasure.

Enjoy a sample of our bath tea with every Wild Spirit Scent set.

Ingredients: essential oil blend**,  jojoba oil*  (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)

Sample Set of 8 Scents

1 dram (3.7ml) of each scent – $108

Dolphin – Revitalize

Essential oil blend of Spruce, Angelica and Clary Sage in a base of jojoba oil to invoke our tidal rhythms and revitalize the spirit.

10 mL- $44

Butterfly – Transformation

Essential oil blend of Frankincense, Lemongrass and Jasmine in a base of jojoba oil to inspire clarity of the mind and transformation of the self.

10 mL- $44

Jaguar – Devotion

Essential oil blend of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang in a base of jojoba oil to keep us grounded in earth’s wisdom while nurturing wild devotion.

10 mL- $44

Eagle – Spirit

Essential oil blend of Grapefruit, Myrtle, Palo Santo and Vetiver in a base of jojoba oil to create a shamanic balance with earth and sky medicine.

10 mL- $44

Wolf – Intuition

Essential oil blend of Frankincense, White Lotus and Patchouli in a base of jojoba oil to invite stillness and tranquility with an edge of the wild for howling into the mysterious.

10 mL- $44

Raven – Awakening

Essential oil blend of Helichrysum, Angelica, Mandarin and White Sage in a base of jojoba oil for a magical ritual of shapeshifting the immortality of spirit.

10 mL- $44

Snake – Transmutation

Essential oil blend of Melissa, Jatamamsi, Cardomom and Tulsi in a base of jojoba oil to arouse a sensual Shiva Shakti balancing dance.

10 mL- $44

Bear – Introspection

Essential oil blend of Patchouli, Jatamamsi, Bergamot and Champa in a base of jojoba oil to wrap us in her paws/pause of sweet dreams and holy self-care.

10 mL- $44

Face Ritual

Our face cream is an opportunity to awaken the senses. Breathe in as you notice the silky cream on your skin, allow the scent to transport you to exotic lands, as your skin drinks in this magic potion of beauty and splendor.

Prairie Gold

warming nourishing
luxuriating (vata)

2oz – $44

Step into the Kansas prairie on an August morning when the sun is like a golden orb warming you from the inside out, the air is moistened by thick dew, and the pure prana is endless. This is our most moisturizing, nourishing and luxuriating cream infused with pure gold powder

Ingredients: Prairie gold oil (Ruby infused sesame oil*, jojoba oil*, argan oil*, krishna tulsi*, elderflower*, rose*, calendula*, rosemary CO2*, swarna bhasma, vetiver, ylang ylang, jatamansi EO**) frankincense hydrosol*, beeswax*, vegetable glycerine*, marula oil**, rosehip seed oil* (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)

Rose Moon

cooling and light

2oz – $44

Imagine the light of the full moon reflecting on the Ganga River high in the Himalayas as the crisp cool winds gently embrace you. This is our most cooling, soothing and light cream infused with powder of Pearl.

Ingredients: Rose moon oil (Rose quartz infused sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, camelina oil*, rose*, chamomile*, brahm*i, passionflower*, mukta bhasma, rosemary CO2*, rose vetiver, juniper EO**), rose hydrosol*, beeswax*, vegetable glycerin*, kukui oil*, rosehip seed oil* (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)

Desert Star


2oz – $44

Dream the vast curvature of the desert dunes of Morocco with the dry warm evenings giving way to the bright twinklings of warm vibrant stars. This is our most invigorating cream infused with Moroccan Selenite.

Ingredients: Desert star oil (Selenite infused sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, baobab oil*, rama tulsi*, yarrow*, nettle*, jasmine*, ashwagandha*, rosemary CO2*, neroli, clary sage, rose geranium EO**), sage hydrosol*, beeswax*, vegetable glycerine*, prickly pear oil*, rosehip seed oil* (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)

Body Ritual

Self-Abhyanga (massage) is a traditional Ayurvedic daily self-care ritual performed before bathing to protect the skin from the drying element of water. Start your day with loving touch. Our oils are infused with precious gifts from earth and sea.

Prairie Gold Oil
with Ruby


 4 oz. – $28

8 oz. – $48 

Heating, sensuous, penetrating (Vata) Ruby is infused in our Prairie Gold formula to vibrate with the power and confidence of the rising sun.

Ingredients: Ruby infused jojoba oil*, sesame oil*, argan oil*, krishna tulsi*, elderflower*, rose*, calendula*, rosemary CO2*, swarna bhasma, vetiver, ylang ylang, jatamansi EO** (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)

Rose Moon Oil
with Pearl


4 oz. – $28

8 oz. – $48

Cooling, soothing, compassionate (Pitta) Pearl or Mukta with the glowing essence of Chandra the moon calms the mind allowing spirit to shine.

Ingredients: Rose quartz infused sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, camelina oil*, rose*, chamomile*, brahmi*, passionflower*, mukta bhasma, rosemary CO2*,  rose vetiver, juniper EO** (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)

Desert Star Oil
with Selenite


4 oz. – $28

8 oz. – $48

Stimulating, releasing, exciting (Kapha) selenite is infused in our Desert Star to offer guidance, awareness and to detoxify the mind.

Ingredients: Selenite infused sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, baobab oil*, rama tulsi*, yarrow*, nettle*, jasmine*, ashwagandha*, rosemary CO2*, neroli, clary sage, rose geranium EO** (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)

Bath Ritual Soaking Crystals

Radical self-love can be as simple as infusing the body with blends of natural salts, herbs and flowers. Allow these blends to transport you to our Earth’s deep waters as the body drinks in the healing gifts of nature. We always recommend the Ayurvedic Body Ritual of self-abhyanga before immersing in the soothing bath waters.


337.2 grams  – $32

Relaxing, melting ~ Slip your body gently into the depths of healing waters. Invite your muscles and bones to relax in peaceful ease. Visualize your blood flowing freely through the river of your landscape. Allow your body temple to soak in the beauty of Y O U.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, chamomile*, hops*, yarrow*, bentonite clay with natural EO** Eucalyptus, lavender, juniper (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)


313.6 grams  – $32

Rejuvenation, stimulating- Prepare to journey to the creative corners of your mind as you soak in the inspiration of your wildest dreams. We highly recommend a post-bath journaling session to dedicate your dreams to action.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salts, Brahmi*, Japa* (Hibiscus), Shank Pushpi*, Mugwort*, green clay with natural EO** tulsi, ylang ylang, rose geranium, palo santo (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)


391.5 grams  – $32

Tranquility, meditation~ light a candle, dim the lights, turn on your favorite chanting or ethereal flute tunes that takes you higher. This is your time. Allow your eyes to close. Breathe deep. Connect. Find your Y E S

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Sea Salts, lavender*, rose*, sandalwood*, rhassoul clay and natural EO**frankincense, sandalwood and champa. (*organic, **organic or wild harvested)

Bath Ritual Tea

Take a sip, take a dip. Teas for body and belly with daily ritual bathing. As our body drinks in the healing blends, our senses are seduced in succulent pleasures in this ritual of beauty and magic. The sacred art of ritual bathing can be performed daily, with the moon cycles, or as your heart desires.


33.5 grams  – $14

“Every day you play with the light of the universe.” Neruda
Invite your body to deeply soak as these herbs and flowers gently coax your anahata chakra (heart center) to unfold and blossom. Lie back and and surrender to the sweetness of your holy heart space.

Ingredients: Krishna Tulsi*, lemon balm*, lavender*, rosehips* and calendula* (*organic)


40.3 grams  – $14

”I wore myself out looking for myself…” Lalla
Take a gentle pause, put the day aside, embrace the moment in all of its preciousness. Dip into the deep waters of your body, heart and mind bringing all your being into Bhakti~devotion. Let each breath be a prayer.

Ingredients: Rama Tulsi*, hibiscus*, jasmine*, yarrow * (*organic)


33.3 grams  – $14

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious…” Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Dive into the dark waters of your intuitive knowing, your magic and your wisdom and blend them into the cauldron of your soul. Steep in this divine presence to emerge with an exquisite lightness within.

Ingredients: Rosebuds*, white sage*, yarrow* , frankincense* (*organic)

Mama Ritual ~ Tit Ease

In sacred service to your babe and to yourself, anoint the milky source with Tit-ease to nourish the tender skin, restore suppleness, and infuse calm within. Apply as a healing meditation: with breath, beauty and blessings.

2 oz.  – $18

Ingredients: organic olive oil infused with marshmallow root*, calendula*, lavender*, rose buds*, violet leaf*, beeswax*, shea butter* (*organic)

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About Mother & Pearl

Laura Martin-Eagle

I have been creating and exploring herbal potions since the early 1970’s when I first discovered ‘health food’ stores and the bulk herb section! My studies began by reading everything I could find and most importantly, trying out herbs one by one to taste and feel their effects. I was enchanted by the devas taught by Findhorn and extended my fascination by growing herbs myself. I have been influenced by countless herbalists both western and Ayurvedic. I believe the plant world has a treasure of wisdom and healing for those that take the time to pause and listen. Learn more about Laura + her training and certifications.

Pearl Martin-Eagle

I have spent my life in the company of flowers, herbs and crystals. My home was filled with wholesome foods, homemade body products, and herbal medicines . While growing up, I spent many hours working and learning with my mother in her garden. I love bringing a lifetime of experience to assisting in the creations of the Mother + Pearl collections. I live in Oakland, California and am a professional photographer having studied in both California and Paris, France.

I knew that I would love this luscious bath crystal potion; but, I didn’t know that I would immediately slip away into bliss. The scent is gentle and divine. My skin was instantly softened and stayed soft through the entire next day. I could feel myself give way to the warm water, and let go in a way that a I hadn’t in a long time. I love that when my bath was over, I didn’t smell like a basket of potpourri–which is sometimes what happens with mass-manufactured bath products. The beautiful fragrance that lingered was just barely detectable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this elegant, subtle, potent, lovingly-made bath crystals. Thank you so much for making this gift to the world.
~ YesheLa Chodron,
Shamanic Coach and Creatrix of Magdalen’s Touch Healing – Kansas

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