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These therapies induce sweating which allows us to release toxins and purify the body. Our digestive fires are invigorated thus promoting digestive health.

Ginger Compress:

Warm ginger compresses are continuously applied upon the lower back. This aids in alleviating lower back pain, and encourages circulation.

Bashpa Svedana:

This is a full body steam that detoxifies the tissues and calms the mind. Medicinal herbs and essential oils are combined to support the detox process. This is a beautiful finish to any snehana treatment as it encourages the herbs to go deeper into the tissues.


Showering the body with warming or cooling oils. The treatment calms mind and body, stimulates the appetite, promotes strength, virility, increases ojas and brings lightness to the body. (A preliminary consultation highly recommended.)

Pinda Sveda:

A poultice of cooked grains and medicinal herbs are used to firmly massage the whole body inviting deep stimulation through sweating increasing circulation as well as soothing arthritis, dryness and stress.

Avagaha Sveda:

Immersion in water to the navel or neck with herbs and essential oils. This treatment may be used for relieving aches and pains and promoting calm sleep. Traditionaly uses include urinary, kidney, bladder and nervous conditions as well as insomnia. This may be added to any treatment.

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Please note that many of these treatments require taking pause for the remainder of the day. Resting, relaxing, rejuvenating…Treatments involving the head require light protection from the elements for 24 hours.