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“The meaning of the Sanskrit word sneha conveys stupendous love and immense tenderness, the essential spirit imbued in human nature. Snehana therapy is meant to invoke these deeply imbedded codes of our nature and reawaken our cognitive memories.” ~Maya Tiwari from Ayurveda Secrets of Healing


A full body massage with medicinal oils. Special care in activation of the marma points (the junction where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet) is part of this offering. Abhyanga restores balance to the doshas and promotes regeneration of the tissues. It stimulates circulation, nervous system, strengthens the lungs, intestines, bones and can regulate the digestive system as well as improving concentration and confidence. This is followed by brushing the skin with freshly prepared Ubtan~a mixture of ground legumes, grains and medicinal herbs.


A complete head and neck massage using medicinal oils and marma point stimulation.


A complete foot massage with medicinal oils stimulates all the organs, increases ojas, energizes the reproductive organs, improves circulation and creates a state of deep relaxation.


Warm oil is poured along the brow in a rhythmic motion which serves to awaken the ajna chakra (third eye), and evokes deep cognitive memories bringing health to the bodily tissues. This treatment creates balance and soothes many conditions of the nervous system.


A warm oil compress is administered to the forehead. This helps to restore balance to the doshas and is immensely relaxing for the body and mind.

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Please note that many of these treatments require taking pause for the remainder of the day. Resting, relaxing, rejuvenating…Treatments involving the head require light protection from the elements for 24 hours.