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Dough dams constructed from lentil flour are placed on specific areas of the body and filled with an individualized combination of herbs, essential oils, and may include oil, ghee or milk depending on the treatment location and the effect desired. This allows for a deeper penetration and absorption of herbs in a localized area for a longer period of time.

Kati Basti:

This is a tonifying treatment for the lower back that soothes pain and nourishes the tissues deep in the bones (asthi), muscles (mamsa) and blood (rakta).

Hrd (heart):

This is a beautiful treatment that pools the oil over the heart chakra. This can be useful for both physical and emotional challenges of the heart as well as respiratory issues.

Netra Basti:

This is a nourishing and cleansing treatment for the eyes. Traditionally ghee is pored into the damn around the eyes one at a time and is used to alleviate eye strain and other visual complaints.

Svadhistana Basti:

This is placed on the lower belly to ease complaints of the uterus, ovaries, bladder, kidney, excess or weak sexual energy as well as overactive or stuck creative energy.

Manipuri Basti:

Placed above the navel, this treatment may address digestive issues as well as discriminatory issues.

Anahata Basti:

(see Hrd Basti)

Vishuddha Basti:

This is placed along the throat area and may address thyroid complaints as well as the ability to express oneself.

Chakra Basti:

All or any combination of chakras 2-5 may be administered.

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Please note that many of these treatments require taking pause for the remainder of the day. Resting, relaxing, rejuvenating…Treatments involving the head require light protection from the elements for 24 hours.