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Literally, the science of life, Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing from the wisdom of the Vedic scriptures of India that dates back 5000 years. By determining the predominance of bodily doshas, we can determine imbalances within the body. An Ayurvedic practitioner will guide the guest with suggestions of daily regimes, food, breath, sound, yoga asana, meditation, herbal recommendations, aromatherapy, as well as possible restorative treatments.
We welcome the Attiti (guest) with great respect and honor.

Wise Earth

Wise Earth Ayurveda is a unique vision and education of inner medicine healing through sadhana. This work is a unique school of thought and practice developed by Maya Tiwari and based in her spiritually awakened vision and her knowledge of the Greater Vedas. This work has restored long lost knowledge of nature’s interrelated nourishers—Food, Breath and Sound (annavidya, pranavidya, and mantravidya), as well as the lunar-based Shakti education and practices necessary to reclaim and restore women’s health. Through Mother’s vision, Wise Earth AyurvedaTM has also unearthed and recovered the inherent knowledge of the universe’s cosmic rhythm, memory and karma and their influence on the body, mind, and spirit of all life. Wise Earth AyurvedaTM education teaches us to mine our own extraordinary resource of inner medicines by living everyday in sadhana-within nature’s integrity-while preserving inner harmony and world peace.